Responsible Investment


Our commitment

As a long-term investor in growing businesses, Motion Equity Partners has always been particularly sensitive to any factors that might affect, positively or negatively, the performance of its investments.

To this end, we are convinced that an efficient management of Environmental, Social and Governance issues at every stage of our investment process will improve the performance of our portfolio companies, improve their risk profile as well as generate new growth opportunities, and in the end create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

In order to formalise and reinforce its commitment to ESG issues, Motion Equity Partners has defined a structured approach which guides its actions at every stage of the investment cycle (acquisition, development and exit phases). Our commitment is embodied in a dedicated ESG Charter:

The full version of our ESG Charter can be downloaded here

Motion Equity Partners is a signatory of the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment, and of the Charter of Commitments for Investors in Growth of the French Private Equity Association (AFIC).

Our 2016 Public Transparency Report (PRI) is made available here

Click here to visit the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment
Click here to download the AFIC’s Charter of Commitments for Investors in Growth


ESG awareness in our portfolio companies

Company Activity
Arcaplanet Pet food and accessories retailer
Since the start of Motion’s ownership, the management team has put a clear emphasis on social and environmental issues, a careful sourcing of products and energy optimisation. In 2015, Arcaplanet will further pursue its work through the definition of a code of ethics, and the issue of its first ESG report.
Fullsix International Interactive and relationship marketing agency
Human capital is by far Fullsix’s most important asset. In order to attract and retain the most talented professionals, the Group has developed exemplary practices in terms of working conditions, equal opportunity, commitments to charitable associations and organizations through "pro bono" work. As Fullsix has been emerging as market leader in terms of data management and analysis, data privacy has also become a key issue to be dealt with. The Group has to cope with complex country-specific data privacy management regulatory frameworks, and must be able, when necessary, to help its customers comply with these nascent regulations.
Morrison Utility Services Service provider to utility companies
Morrison’ Board has a long history of awareness with respect to the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy dedicated to key business-related social, ethical and environmental impacts. The approach, disclosed in a Corporate Responsibility Report, aims at delivering continuous improvement on six strategic pillars: community engagement, environment, health & safety, people, continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement. This led to the implementation of various initiatives such as the issue of an Ethical Code of Conduct which sets out core standards in terms of business practices, an anti-bribery and corruption policy, as well as a whistle blowing policy and a gift & hospitality policy. Furthermore, Morrison is today a clear market leader in Health & Safety, with numerous national industry awards.
Tokheim Petrol distribution systems
Tokheim has had a long-standing ESG strategy, discussed and defined at Board level. The Group’s most significant ESG issues are Health & Safety, fuel consumption, end of life products and subcontractor management. Tokheim’s ESG strategy is based on two pillars: an ambitious Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy, which aims to reach “zero fatal accident, zero serious injury, zero environmental issue”, and an Ethical Code of Conduct, which was updated in December 2014 and signed by all COMEX members.
Altaïr Household care and insecticides products
Corporate responsibility has always been core to Altaïr’s values, especially when it comes to sustainable development. As a producer of chemical and biocide products, key issues involve employee safety, minimisation of the impact of its products on the environment, compliance with all regulations in place and anticipation of their evolution to remain a leader on those matters among peers, as well as supply chain responsibility.
CDL-OmniPac Production of molded fiber packaging products
CDL-OmniPac’s operational excellence objectives go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency and raw material consumption targets. Strategic objectives are formalised in a three-year performance plan, including commitments towards defined percentages of reduction in energy and raw material consumption, frequency of management review and KPIs. CDL-OmniPac has also been strongly committed to improve health and safety within the company. Efforts are focused on improving safety conditions in its plant as well as ensuring compliance with regulation and insurance standards.
Cellular Line Distributor of smartphones and tablets accessories
Cellular Line has identified key areas of intervention with respect to its social and environmental practices. The Company has therefore developed environmental-friendly policies focused on waste management (of electrical and electronic equipment)and control over its supply chain (e.g. plastic products) and product sourcing. Cellular Line is strongly committed on its ESG policy and is planning to further develop its set of initiatives to improve its profile.