Bribery & Corruption


Motion Equity recognises the adverse effects that bribery and corruption can have on national economies and society and has taken steps reasonably designed to eliminate bribery of any kind wherever it operates. Motion Equity is committed to conducting its business fairly, honestly and openly without the use of corrupt practices or acts of bribery to obtain an unfair advantage. 

A bribe is a form of inducement made with the intention of influencing any party to do something which is dishonest, illegal or unethical. Bribes can take many forms and include business practices which, depending on the circumstances, may otherwise appear legitimate, including the offer or acceptance of direct or indirect payments, services, gifts, charitable donations, sponsorships or preferential treatment. 

Motion Equity has zero tolerance to bribery and corruption and has developed policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent them. These include:

  1. Prohibiting payments either directly or through any third party that might be interpreted as a bribe;
  2. Undertaking anti-bribery checks as part of any investment process; and
  3. Investigating all instances of alleged bribery and assisting the police and other appropriate authorities in any resultant prosecution.